The Fabrics of Our Lives

Just as sewing patterns have burst forth with new innovative independent companies giving new life to sewing, so have fabric companies and surface pattern designers.  Again, we can thank technology and the age of the computer for putting forth the information of how to create designs, and where we can buy or create fabric collections.

Spoonflower is a company in Durham, North Carolina which began in 2008 and now will print your designs in a variety of 19 types of fabrics, as well as wallpaper and gift wrap.  They have been at the forefront of this movement which has only just started to collect steam.  They offer tutorials, features and contests –  all sorts of consumer friendly customer service to make your experience with them enjoyable and successful.spoonflower


Guildery has only been putting forth the offerings from fabulously talented fabric artists for a couple years, but the innovators behind this company have many years experience in combining technology and design to produce what the public wants.  Guildery not only offers the prints of talented artists, surface pattern designers and interior designers, but will print their designs on demand with no minimum onto a variety of 12 upscale fabrics including Belgian Linen, velveteen and silk charmeuse!  In addition, the clincher – Guildery allows the customer to coordinate and custom color many fabrics to get a seamless blend with their interior design products for their homes.  Their latest offering is that the customer can also upload their own prints for coloring and printing a truly custom coordinated look.  Guildery offers pillows, furniture and drapery made up in the fabrics of your choice when you prefer not to do it yourself.

Pillows by Guildery
Pillows by Guildery

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