I have always linked color, texture – just about anything to some kind of fabric I have been exposed to in my life.  Seeing a branch of cherry blossoms conjures up an airy dotted swiss for some reason.  Seersucker stripes in pastel shades link to a scene with a bright metal painted shovel and bucket at the beach – or salt water taffy.  Houndstooth reminds me of watching a polo match on a green field surrounded by trees.  Synesthesia is a sensation that occurs in some people when a stimulus applied – typically when hearing a certain sound – induces the visualization of a certain color.  My senses are stimulated similarly and it’s the fabrics of my life that bring it on.  I cherish the associations and hope they never stop.

I’ve sewn since I was very small.  My mother was a very patient, loving woman who in her own unassuming way passed on the “permission”(?) – the encouragement that I could make whatever I wanted.  Having that basis of confidence has led me down many paths and some rabbit holes I would rather not repeat!  I see a new breath of life being breathed into sewing/making.  It started maybe 10 years ago with creatives that had an urgency to clothe themselves without the old rules of how to and have blazed new in roads into this craft.  The internet has created a “sewing circle” heretofore unheard of.  I want to be a part of it – to share, learn, absorb and breathe in this fresh new life.  So here I am…

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